Our Philosophy . . .

The spirit of this league is to get together and have fun! We follow the ASA standard slow-pitch rules with local modifications for our field conditions. It is the league's goal to make every game or event enjoyable by all members and their families and we encourage everyone to participate for the love of the sport.

These are the bylaws that our league operates under.

The board members have created a Facebook page for the league as a means to rapidly spread information.

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Playoffs Continue!

Final week of the semi-finals; finals take place October 1st!

9:00am Games

Game 11A-Field7v2
Game 12C-Field3v5

10:30am Games

Game 13A-FieldLoser G11 v Winner G12

Now in our 40th year of getting together and having fun!

The 2017 Board of Directors are:

We basically follow ASA rules for this league, with certain exceptions for our field layouts and some other quirky rules that have been there since the dawn of time. If you have questions regarding legal bats or other rulings, you can check out the official ASA Code.

If you have comments, complaints, ideas or info for the league, feel free to email them to Bob Dunn or contact any other board members. We strive to gather all input from the membership, to better everyone's enjoyment. If you have comments about the webpages themselves, contact the Web Director